Our videos start with smarter thinking. We help our customers find the clear message behind what they would like to say. We immerse that message into an engaging story. Our creative team of filmmakers and producers bring the whole package to life, complete with beautiful imagery. If better video is what you’re after, you found a your team.  


Capture your audiences attention, earn your customers trust. Our promise is that you will be proud of the work we create together.  

Simple Message

Before you can create an effective video, you got to find out what how to connect. You have a lot to share and it’s important to share the features and benefits of a product, a new service to change the way people act, or maybe you’re launching a totally new product. How does it all work together? We’ll help you define the underlining story behind your efforts so everything makes sense. The result of this first step is a single story idea on which to build great content it’s often  a single line or idea that expresses your message.

Craft a Connection

Consider your audience and how your message relates to them, solve a problem they have or define a new feature to introduce. We’ll figure out how to craft a story that captures their attention, pulls them past their hurdles, answers their questions and connects with them. Rationally and emotionally, all while building your brand. Second step of the process will result in a theme, a script and mood board for your video.

Impactful Production

The part you expect from a video production company. The story clearly defined that we discovered in a simple message. Became our engaging story in step two, now ready for the big show. Whether your video finds its life as a 2-minute short film, 30-second national television spot, online video or animation, our team has the experience to deliver a video that will capture your audience’s attention and earn your customer’s trust. You’ll be proud of the work we create together.


Proud to have been trusted by so many great companies and small businesses. A few clients we were happy to serve.


Whether your video finds its life as a 2-minute short film, 30-second national television spot, online video or animation, our team has the experience to deliver a video that will capture your audience’s attention and earn your customer’s trust. 


Let us help you develop and create your next video. YouTube, Kickstarter, Branded Content,  TV Commercials, Documentary and Non-profits are all welcome. 

Tell us about the video you want made.

Fill out our video brief at the bottom of the page to start.

Connect with a dedicated producer.

The producer will walk you through the details and finalize the project.

Get your video completed 7-10 days.

Two rounds of changes to get the exact video you want.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Professional, quick turnaround, great end product. Just hire them for you project!

Abhijit Solanki

Whiteboard VP

Golfkicks stepped up our video and photo game with Jeff/M3films before airing on Shark Tank and our customers appreciate it! Storytelling and clearly communicating how our product works are critical for us and M3films nailed it.

Tyler Stuart

GolfKicks Founder

Working with Jeff is a pleasure. As a creative person, I really value his ability to get quickly on the the same page and do HIS creative thing. Collaborations are easy and fun. I always get what I am looking for with him!

Roxanne Cap

Marketing Professional


Creating images that represent your product and your companies brand.


Interviews, b-roll, like a documentary, any length.


Social Media, Broadcast, we have the skills and experience.

brand video

Your Product, Your Story. Inspire your audience. 


Our team is comprised of industry professionals, which allows us to bring the right tools and crew for the job.

M3films Jeff Zimmerman Arri Cinematographer

Jeff Zimmerman


Tage Plantell

Director | Cinematographer

Josh Steichen

Editor | Color Grading


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Denver Arri Amira Owner
Cinema Cameras come an assortment of flavors from ARRI, Panasonic, Red, Sony, Canon Cinema EOS, DSLR, and motion picture cameras. One must consider which is right for a high-profile project. For instance a project with the drummer from Motley Crew, Tommy Lee and his wife Brittany. […]
August 2019 we were apart of an amazing crew and hosted by Lockheed Martin in creating behind the scenes content for Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt and Directed by James Gray. Our role was to capture Director James Gray as he toured Lockheed Martin and discussed […]
August 2019 we had the opportunity in working with Manmade Studios to shoot a new product commercial for Mountain Dew. VooDew is a new flavor to be released around Halloween 2019. The flavor is suppose to be similar to corn candy. Our role was First Assistant […]

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