Moving a Replica Space Shuttle – Inspiration

January 2016: Cap Canaveral Florida. Moving a Replica Space Shuttle – Inspiration.

The project presented many challenges, first being to move a full size replica of the Space Shuttle – Inspiration. Second how to document the move while getting creative angles. We used a variety of cameras like the Sony a7, FS7, GoPro 4 and Phantom 3 Standard quadcopter. Things ramped up quickly, requests for short segment feeds and footage to be released to the media as the weekend developed.

Thursday, January 14: We arrived for a site survey to find the move and planning was well underway. We discovered the nearby power-lines were creating a potential challenge in moving the shuttle. It was also going to be a aerial challenge for getting establishing shots. Wind started to pickup and with the power lines being right next to the shuttle angles were limited.

Space Shuttle Inspiration

Friday, January 15: Using a Phantom 3 Standard we were able to grab a few of the aerials we needed. Despite changing weather and some light rain we were able to pull off some shots just before the big drench. Below is the clip that we edited using an iPhone 6s with the DJI GO App.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard – Edited via iPhone with DJI GO App from M3films on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 16: The Big Move. Beyel Brothers was the company in charge of moving this 75,000 pound structure. Dimensions Length: 184ft. Height 57ft. Wingspan 78ft. Power lines were de-engergized with half of the lines being lifted and the other half placed on the ground so the shuttle could move thru them safely. It was going to take 3 hours to back down the driveway and drive the .8 miles to the barge where the shuttle will be loaded and transported to a freight yard for storage and remodeling.

Space Shuttle Replica Inspiration
Shuttle Inspiration on the barge

Heading out onto the water would prove to be difficult. Wind speeds were a constant 13-15 mph which grounded our Phantom 3 Standard. The rest of the move would have to be documented from the follow boat using the Sony FS7. Using a tripod on the boat proved to be the most stable shot, it allowed for the Canon 24-105mm with image stabilization to take on the small bumps.

At the end of the day, the move was a success. Along the way we did interviews with LVX System members, Astronaut Jon Mcbride and we were able to deliver a video melt to the media pool using a Macbook with Premiere CC and Dropbox. The production was a success, with 100+ GB of media, it now in the hands of our editors to take on the task of putting together.

Space Shuttle Inspiration
Space Shuttle Inspiration

The Road Warrens Take Flight – In an RV!

The Road Warrens is about a family who decide to pack up and hit the road changing the course of traditional family living. Jeff Warren happens to be a good friend, its amazing to hear that, with the support of his family they are hitting the road for an entire year! They will be traveling the states and seeing the sites all while his wife Anne home schools the children. You can follow the “Road Warrens” as they travel via their website which has been setup with a blog.

M3films had the honor of being asked to shoot the family interviews in Reunion, Colorado. The Warrens truly are an energetic bunch and I’m sure they will have many great stories to tell when they finish there travels. Visit to keep up to date!

M3films Freelance Videographer Denver
The Warren Family

Professional results with your iPhone – Tangerine

Certainly with recent movies like “Tangerine” which was shoot entirely on the iPhone and is currently in theaters. Consumer and Professionals cameras can blur the lines, what makes the biggest difference between a professional and a soccer mom is the ability to compose shots, proper exposure, storytelling thru visuals and knowing the limitations of your camera. That being said there are professional cameras that can deliver 6K video quality, at 14-bit raw color-depth which was unheard of a few years ago. This goes beyond the standard 35mm film resolution which Hollywood used as a standard for so many years. Take that quality and now add the ability to shoot from 1 frame to 20,000 frames a second. Professional video can offer some game changing looks and open the world to a host of new possibilities.

Now remove the budget, takeaway all professional gear. Your left with the desire and knowledge to make your movie. Insert iPhone and a movie on a micro-budget. This is how Tangerine was accomplished. In my opinion, its amazing how this project came together. This proves that gear doesn’t make the movie, but the people behind it.

Here are the tools they utilized to capture the images:

Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter for iPhone 5s (this gave them around a 2.40:1 aspect ratio from the original 16:9)

FiLMiC Pro App (this helped lock exposure, focus, white balance, but also gave them better compression)

Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 5/5s

Sean Baker Tangerine with Steadicam Smoothee iPhone 5s

Head over to No Film School for more about Tangerine.

Just as a reference: some history of video technology.

Artwork of John Lennon

This Summer we had the privilege of interviewing Lynne Clifford, Director at Bag One Arts. Lynne has the unique position in representing the Artwork of John Lennon. Fascination St Fine Art Gallery in Cherry Creek brought us in to interview Lynne, even with the tight schedule. We were able to capture a quick interview and some insight to how John Lennon’s artwork has become accessible.

The Artwork of John Lennon produced for Fascination Street Fine Art Gallery

Producer/Videographer: Jeff Zimmerman

Bag One Arts – Director: Lynne Clifford

Art Dealer: Aaron LaPedis

Made by

We would like to thank Lynne and Aaron LaPedis for allowing us to work a such a fascinating project.

Charles “Chuck” Lindberg Story

Spring 2015, I had the privilege to travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota to shoot a small feature documentary about Charles “Chuck” Lindberg. Many know him as a harder worker, loving Father and if you dig deeper you will find he is a WWII hero. As one of the original members of raising the American flag on Iwo Jima after fighting there way to the top an island in the Pacific.

Our coverage would include a WWII Memorial and a JATC school which was named in honor of Chuck Lindberg’s accomplishments. Many people that we came into to contact spoke true to Chuck’s passion and memory.

Charles Lindberg

Charles Lindberg New York Time Article

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