Father Knows Food – Spring production in full swing!

Father Knows Food, a popular web series that had been featured on “Rachael Ray Show” and “Fantasy Foodball” on Food Network. M3films has been a part of Father Knows Food field productions and that will continue throughout the summer. Father knows food will be producing full episode this Summer as a part of a new deal with PBS.

Father Knows Food – Couples Baby Shower from Jeff Zimmerman on Vimeo.

Have a food show idea? Are you an outgoing chef that thinks you have what it takes to be on TV? Or maybe your a Foodie that likes to go out and explore news foods. We want to hear from you. We are currently seeking pilot show ideas. Please reach out to our contact page or call us at 303.520.1504. Thank you!

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Mulligan Funding Testimonial – Small Business

M3films recently partnered up with an out of state, Video Builders, to produce a client testimonial for Mulligan Funding. The goal was to demonstrate the success of there clients by expanding there funding possibilities for growth. The video was shot on location in Centennial, Colorado.

To find out more about how M3films can help you and your business. Please use our contact page or phone number 303.520.1504. Thanks and we are always excited to help growing small businesses.

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M3films taking flight at Wings over the Rockies

In March we had an exciting opportunity in shooting at Wings over the Rockies in Lowry, Denver. The scope of the project was to cover an up and coming pilot who is only 13 and is getting the attention of the aviation community through his thoughtful and inspiring passion for flight. William McCormick has become the unofficial spokes person for Wings over the Rockies, take a tour with William at Wings over the Rockies and discover his passion for aviation.

Wings over the Rockies – HDNet Movies – William Pilot from Jeff Zimmerman on Vimeo.

M3films was there covering the event for MyScene, in a short form piece to air on HDNet Movies Spring 2014.

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Divergent – On the red carpet for Denver Premiere

On the red carpet,  Divergent Denver Premiere. Our goal was to grab two interviews from supporting actors Ben-Lloyd-Hughes (Will) and Christian Madsen (Al). We were able to capture there insightful interviews along with there captivating personalities. The was definitely a buzz of excitement in the air as fans gathered for a chance to meet the two actors. The film Divergent has generated a huge following and is expected to be very strong in the box office. Watch the interviews and trailer below.

M3films was there capturing the event while staying discreet and professional. We were able to use mostly natural light due to our Canon C100 sensitivity to low- light. We kept the interview calm and collected by staying mobile. Not only is the picture important, sound is very critical, we brought in a special wireless system and microphone to insure that audio was clean and clear. Videography by M3films, Jeff Zimmerman, Produced and edited by HDNet Movies. Look for Divergent in theaters Spring 2014.

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Setting Up the Nikon D800 and D600 for a Concert Shoot

Setting Up the Nikon D800 and D600 for a Concert Shoot. There will also be 2 Canon 60D’s, Canon T2i and a GoPro Hero rolling as well. Consider this to be somewhat of a technical case study. This is designed to help anyone wishing to have a live event covered by DSLR’s to know the gear considerations that go into a live production. Lets start by first watching the a segment of the final video.

Rob Drabkin Birthday Bash at Bluebird Theater from Jeff Zimmerman on Vimeo.

Long form event with my new Nikon DSLR’s. Thought I would share a few of my settings and setup. I’ll follow-up with an update. This will be a 90 minute live recording. Each Nikon only has 3 batteries, this should get me through the event. (fingers crossed)

Nikon D800 Setup: (roving shoot following the action)
Tamron 70-200mm SP 2.8
Transcend 32GB CF cards
External Sony CLM-55 Monitor via HDMI

Nikon D600 Setup: (wide establishing shot)
Tamron 24-70mm SP 2.8
SanDisk Extreme III 32GB Cards
External Super Directional Mic by JVC

Audio Recording:
Tascam DR-40 (4 Channel Rec Mode)
2 – Channels from the Soundboard
2 – Ambient Channels of the crowd

Sound Check

A few settings in the camera setup:

- Manual White Balance 2700K with +1 Magenta (This seems to add a touch of red to match the Canon’s)

- Menu setting: HDMI/Advance/Output display size to 100% for the monitor. This is not the default.

- Format Selected 1080p30 (this was to match the GoPro) normally shoot 24p for DVD and Web.

- Menu – CSM #C4 Live View to No Limit. Default is 10 minutes.

- Audio levels will be auto. This is for syncing only since we have the Tascam.

Since both cameras have 20 minute record limits. I’ll be stopping the cameras in a staggered mode around 17 minutes and restarting the record. The Canon cameras have 12 minutes record limits and the GoPro will be stopped and started every 20 +/- minutes in case the internal battery ends short.

This will also my first big project in FCPx using Nikon video clips, multi-cam and syncing options.

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

So everything went great for the Nikon’s and the show. The 20 minute record times for the Nikon’s shined, my friend using the Canon 60D’s (12 minute record times) seem to really admire that. Battery life was excellent. But I did generate one user error. When changing the battery on the Nikon D800, I forgot to turn-off the camera and released the battery. This caused the mirror to lockup and “err” after replacing the battery. This disabled “live view” temporarily. As a quick troubleshooting measure, I tried to take a photo which cleared the error, releasing the mirror and “live view” worked again. Just FYI to anyone who may need to swap batteries quickly and forgets like I did.

We were able to catch the sound check a few hours before the event. I set the cameras audio from “auto” to manual. The D600 had an external stereo mic with a level set at 5. The D800 used the onboard mic and the level was set to 3. The audio sounds great on both cameras and the Tascam DR-40 captured our master audio (auto level mode).

The D800 had a Sony CLM-55 monitor which I ended up not using. This was because I had to set the tripod to its full height to clear the crowd. The on camera LCD was level with my eye so I just used that. During the sound check I did a few test shoots and checked focus. Everything looked sharp, the 3.2 inch screen looked sharp and felt comfortable (former EX1 owner).

The D800 had the 70-200mm and was the roving, tight shot. The D600 had the establishing shot with the 24-70mm. Looking at the footage today. Aliasing is present in the wide shot from the D600. D800 wasn’t as bad but I’m guessing since it was tighter and depth of field had something to do with that.

Our settings across all DSLR cameras:

White Balance 2700 +1 Magenta on the Nikons (Looked prefect for concert lighting)
White Balance 2600 for the Canon’s
Profile scenes were set to Neutral.
1080p30 – Shutter 60 – Aperture f/4 – ISO 1250

Noise is slightly present but very acceptable at ISO 1250 for the Nikons. The 60D’s had a little more noise but acceptable. Also anyone looking to use a GoPro Hero 2 should know in a concert event it will look terrible. I knew this was not an ideal situation for the GoPro but since I had it why not try and use it.

A 70-200mm on our crop sensor (1.6×200 = 320mm) Canon 60D gave the perfect tight shot (40 feet from stage center). The D800 full frame with a 70-200mm gave pleasing shot but not as tight as I wanted. A 300mm lens would have been better so I’ll be looking out for one in the near future.

Also its good to be there for the sound check. I highly recommend it, we didn’t really plan on it at first. We decided to go early to shoot exteriors of the bill board and ran into the stage manager who told us. This allowed us to test our settings and set things to manual which I prefer. Auto anything can give varying and undesirable results.

So far, so good. The Nikon footage in FCPx came in seamless. What didn’t work seamless was the audio syncing. I knew it was a little more complex than an interview, which up to this point is the only thing that I have synced in FCPx. Multiclip is more complex, especially with DSLR’s. So I turned to Pluraleyes 3 which is the latest version.

Having used version 1 and 2 for FCP7. I knew the possibilities but didn’t know how it would work with FCPx. Pluraleyes 3 now has its own app for organizing media and syncing. Its very much looks like an editing program in itself. Once organized by camera shots, I then laid all the shots out in there respective timelines.

On the top you just click “Synchronization”. The screen started moving clips around and yellows arrows popped up relaying that it was a syncing point and began matching all the clips. It was very fun to watch and happened very fast.

At the end it gave me the choice to export to FCPx, which then launched and created a new event. The only thing remained was to make a new project (timeline) and drop the multiclip in. Open > Multiple Angles via the viewer and your off and running.

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

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Production Photos

Otis Taylor Performing Swallow Hill
Otis Taylor Performing Swallow Hill
Otis Taylor Performing Swallow Hill

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