Rock & Roll, Tommy Lee and Cheetah Digital

Cinema Cameras come an assortment of flavors from ARRI, Panasonic, Red, Sony, Canon Cinema EOS, DSLR, and motion picture cameras. One must consider which is right for a high-profile project. For instance a project with the drummer from Motley Crew, Tommy Lee and his wife Brittany. We decided to go with the Arri Amira, so why Arri?

M3films Arri Amira on Set
M3films on set Tommy Lee for Cheetah Digital

Arri cinema cameras are known for the excellent color profiles, forgiving highlights, avoiding blown out skies and keeping skin tones natural. What a lot of people overlook is the cameras on-the-go ergonomics and reliability. When working on a high-profile shoot you cannot afford any downtime. That’s why Hollywood has chosen the Arri brand and it’s become the leader in the industry.

Case Scenario: We had a time crunch and very small crew, staying safe during the times of COVID. Lighting, Audio and Cinematography would be handled by me (M3films). The producer would keep Brittany and Tommy cued for each scene. We had a behind the scenes photographer for documenting and social media for our client. The photographer assisted in moving lights and the boom microphone as needed.

So back to the Arri thing. We wanted the best footage possible for quick turnaround of 10 promos to air in the next 2 weeks. We wanted a native recording file, in this case Apple’s ProRes 422 HQ 4K at 24p. This is a very versatile codec for editors and a variety of software.

Denver Arri Amira Owner
Denver, Colroado Arri Amira Owner

Shooting in LA brings some pressure. It helps when Tommy Lee and Brittany recognize industry leading equipment such as the Arri Amira. We’re bringing our A-game and focused on the task at hand. The Arri Amira helps with that. Known for its fantastic image quality and award winning reliability.

Not saying it makes you a better shooter, its does say you mean business.

Arri Amira on set with Tommy Lee and Brittany
Tommy, Brittany and M3films (Jeff)

Lastly, this camera produced absolutely beautiful images, functioned easily handle-held or on a tripod. Internal audio sounded superb with attached Sennheiser MKE boom mics. There’s other cameras on the market that compete – notably Red cinema cameras. However, they don’t have the same ergonomics, intuitive design, industry compatible codec. It’s clear why Arri developed these camera in such away to set them as the industry gold standard.

At M3films we enjoying sharing our production experience. Our goal is to help like minded professionals and clients choose the right crew and tools for the job.


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