Filming with Dunraven Campers and Deuter USA

Filming with Dunraven Campers and Deuter USA

We are setting out to tell a story of why nature is so amazing, and something everyone should make time to explore. The story direction for this festered in my brain for months, and just recently came together with the help of some colleagues. I’m beyond excited about what I’m envisioning this to be, and hopeful we can put the film in my mind on the screen in front of you.

Filming in Yellowstone is no easy feat. It’s more like a logistical chess match that I’m really hoping to win. First there is the film permit that I’ve been working on for over 2 months. 20+ emails, forms, fees, multiple calls, an orientation and we JUST got the film permit 2 days before departing!


After returning home, we all got some sleep and then set to work on the edits. It’s always great to dive in while everything is still fresh in your memory. The finished product is looking amazing, but is still coming together. We’re excited to get it out to the world. With productions like this, you can plan for months (as we did), but there will always be a wrench in the wheel somewhere along the line with you’re dealing with elements (weather, animals, travel) that are beyond your control. It’s critical to be able to shift with things as you go, adapting the important story elements to work in the conditions you’re given. This is part of the fun and challenge of creating this type of content. We love it. Credit Real Original, M3films, Brian Bishop, Jeff Zimmerman and Tage Plantell.

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