Our Services

M3films works with many different organizations and helping businesses right here in our community. We often contribute in fun and exciting ways. Unlocking the power of stories thru short films, commercials and documentaries.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to drive support for all kinds of causes and awareness. Whether you're looking to create social media content, informative commercials, short stories thru the use of branded content. Your next video can be your best one, M3films elevating your ideas.

Location Crew

The best set is often the one you know best, from your favorite hiking trail, business center or vacation destination. We are ready, flexible and willing to travel.

Live Streaming

Real-time streaming of your event or conference. Social media, web page embeds or on-demand subscriptions. Let your audience see and hear in real-time/

Post Production

Define the challenge, identity your audience. Craft your story with music and style. We always working with the latest techniques, making dynamic edits, delivering compelling videos.

Engineering and Consulting

It's no secret, we love video. If your in need of ideas on how to build a studio, what gear to buy or where to start in building your own productions. Create a roadmap for the journey ahead.